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Groupe Serveko Inc. is the result of a shared vision of two young entrepreneurs from the Laurentides. With the Serveko team, you will find quality and safety.

Operating in the Greater Montreal and surrounding areas from the city of Blainville.

Start of Serveko Group Inc. in 2013 with the acquisition of Toiture Sipa Laval and Toitures Nugent Inc.


Groupe Serveko Inc. has the professional qualifications and insurance required to operate in accordance with the highest standards of the industry.

Provide superior service in a safe and healthy work environment.

Provide working conditions above our workforce as well as ongoing specialized training to maintain our knowledge and performance above market standards.


In the short term, Groupe Serveko Inc. wants to position itself as one of the best managed companies in the construction industry. As well as in the best employers in the field.

In the medium term, ensure reasonable growth while respecting the quality of our projects and the conditions of our workforce.

In the long run, Groupe Serveko Inc wishes to become anchored in Quebec culture as an institution in the roofing industry.


The well being of our employees is a priority. We have high expectations related to the quality of service we want to offer. In order to optimize the performance of our workforce, we are constantly trying to offer the best conditions and training within the company.

Customer satisfaction is paramount. Serveko Group Inc. will do everything in its power to advise the customer to obtain the best service that meets their expectations and budget.



Shingles & Elastomer Membrane

Residential, commercial, institutional roofs


All types of roofs

Residential, commercial and institutional roofs

SERVICE and repair TEAMS

All types of roofs

Residential, commercial and institutional roof repairs